Booster Club

Our Mission

The Waukesha Catholic Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization composed of parents and other community members who have an interest in improving the Waukesha Catholic athletic facilities. The Booster Club’s primary purpose is to raise funds to cover capital improvements that are not typically funded by the budget of the Waukesha Catholic Athletic Board. All funds raised will be segregated from the Athletic Board funds and used only for capital improvements agreed to by the Athletic Board and Booster Club.

The Waukesha Catholic Athletic Booster Club would like to thank you for your support during the 2015-16 school year. With your support and the efforts of the Waukesha Catholic Athletic Board, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • New water bottle filling stations to be installed at St. Joe's and St. Mary's by the gyms (end of 2016/early 2017)
  • New bleachers for St. Joe's gym
  • Brighter and more energy efficient lighting in the St. Mary’s gym
  • New paint in St. Mary’s gym
  • New hot dog roaster for St. Joe’s concession area, generously donated by a Waukesha Catholic family
  • New aluminum volleyball net systems for St. Mary’s, St. Joe’s and St. William’s gyms
  • New aluminum official stands for St. Mary’s and St. Joe’s gyms
  • New basketball uniforms for the 2014-2015 season
  • 2 scoreboards installed at St. Joe’s gym, donated by DSHA (with thanks to Peggy Braun, former WC parent)
  • 2 scoreboards now at St. Mary’s gym after moving scoreboard from St. Joe’s gym
  • 2 glass rectangular backboards installed on main floor baskets at St. William’s gym, donated by DSHA (with thanks to Peggy Braun, former WC parent)
  • 4 glass fan backboards installed on side baskets at St. Joe’s gym, donated by DSHA (with thanks to Peggy Braun, former WC parent)
  • Ceiling tiles repaired at St. Joe’s gym to prevent them from popping out
  • Floors refinished at St. Joe’s gym and St. Mary’s gym
  • Carpet runners for Bleacher area at St. Joe’s and St. Mary’s gym
  • Wall padding for the St. Mary’s gym
  • Expansion of equipment cage

 Projects that are envisioned by the Waukesha Catholic Athletic Board for the future include:

  • Volleyball and Track uniforms
  • Locker room updates at St. Joe's
  • Other major improvements to athletic facilities as the need arises


Knights Logowear

Purchase Waukesha Catholic Knights logowear by contacting (TBA) to place an order. These items are not part of the school uniform.



Booster Club Membership Information

PDF icon Booster Member Form 2016-17 (1).pdf
2016-2017 Booster Club Members 

Abts, Ellie & Brant

Anderson, Molly & Bob

Armour, Dana & Dale

Bugenhagen, Kristie & Michael

Chyla, Karen & Dean

Didion, Joey & Joe

Doyle, Brian

Dutter, Erin & Vince

Eberhardt, Karie & Steve

Fox, Chris and Char Saber

Frank, Effie & Chadd

Frea, Anne & Travis

Gehrke, Andrea & Ryan

Geller, Claire & William

Havlik-Lenz, Kris & Frank

Hickok, Heidi & Mark

Hill, Lisa & Lance

Holland, Nicole & Chris

Kinateder, Meghan & Fred

Klem, Lynn & Brian

Komp, Jennifer & Scott

Kulig, Beth Ann & Saintsing, David

Leverenz, Tina & James

Lewandowski, Elizabeth & Joseph

Lipinski, Kevin & Pszeniczny, Olivia

Maher, Leela & Sean

Marks, JoEllyn & Josh

McWilliams, Pam & Mike

Mroz, Sheila & Christian

Multhauf, Christa & Jay

Nelson, Kim & Matt

Norgal, Marie & Tim

Piacsek, Stacie & Steve

Piatt, Joseph & Huntemann-Piatt, Traci

Pigeon, Steven

Ramthun, Ed & Way, Cathy

Riehle, Rob

Roubik, Jennifer & Jeff

Schmitzer, Sheila & Tom

Scrima, Nicole & Joe

Serb, Cheryl & Bill

Sielaff, Alexandra & James

Smart, Stacey & Chris

Szada, Tina & Todd

Thomsen, John & Therese

Timm, Tricia & Howard

Traeger, Renee & Andy

Whitney Family

Winchester, Nicole & Jeff