New Uniform Agreements
In lieu of uniform deposits, the Athletic Board has begun a Uniform Agreement that is signed by an Athletic Board Member, parent, and player.  They will all verify the condition of uniform tops & shorts, and sign-off on the items received.  Uniforms must be turned in to an Athletic Board Member on specified turn-in dates (not to the coaches or the office).  Copies of the uniform policy, the agreement, and uniform care instructions are below.

General Information and Athletic Forms

Waukesha Catholic sponsors three sports - volleyball, basketball and track - for boys and girls in grades five through eight. Teams are separated by grade and gender. 

In the fall, Waukesha Catholic teams participate in the Metro Volleyball Conference. Over the winter, Waukesha Catholic teams participate in the Notre Dame/Don Bosco Basketball Conference. In the spring, Waukesha Catholic Track teams participate in the Waukesha Area Catholic Conference.

The Waukesha Catholic Athletic Handbook contains valuable information that will inform you about the workings of the program. It is important that parents, coaches and athletes read and understand the contents of this handbook.

Important Dates

Volleyball -

Deadline to participate - Friday July 6th, 2018

Splits schedule -

Monday August 13th 5th and 7th grade

Tuesday August 13th 6th and 8th grade

First day of league matches -

Friday Sept. 7th for boys

Saturday Dept. 8th for girls

Basketball -

Deadline to participate - Friday October 5th, 2018

Splits Schedule - Will be the week of November 5th

First day of league games -

Saturday Dec. 1st

Track -

Deadline to participate - Friday March 22nd, 2019

First practice and meet will be determined sometime in February of 2019.

Deadline dates are the last day your child can be guaranteed a spot on a team.  If you sign up after these dates it will be at the discretion of the athletic director/athletic board as to whether or not your son/daughter will be placed on a team.  The number of teams we have is based on athletes per grade and gender for each sport.


 Athletic Forms

Waukesha Catholic Athletic Permission Form - This form is required annually and is used to select sports & pay athletic fees.

WC Parent Volunteer Interest Form - In addition to the general volunteer requirements covered in the Parent Volunteer Contract, there are several other areas of volunteerism.  Please see this form and return to the school office; Attention - Jeremy Greasby, AD.

Parent Volunteer Contract - This form shall be read, and signed by the parent/guardian.

Sport Physical-  A physical is required by the Athletic Policy of both the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Waukesha Catholic Athletic Board.  A form must be on file for all incoming 5th grade athletes and new athletes. Then, every two years a new physical must be on file.  Physicals must be on file and up to date before the first split/practice of the sport season.

Medical information and Emergency Consent Form - This form shall be filled out by the parent/guardian.  This form is due every school year.

Parent and Athlete Concussion Form - This must be filled out by both a parent/guardian of the athlete as well as the athlete.  Please fill out after you have watched and read the following -

Parent/Guardian Sportsmanship Pledge - This form shall be filled out by the parent/guardian.  This form is for each sport your child participates in.

Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Pledge - This form shall be filled out by both athlete and parent/guardian.  This form is for each sport your child participates in.


Safeguarding All of God's Family Education - Required for All Parents

Safeguarding All of God's Family education required for everyone prior to volunteering; including the required volunteering for admissions / concessions. View the list of upcoming sessions.

Please contact Safeguarding Coordinator Teresa Landry at (262) 896-2929 x1330 with any questions.


General Resources & Forms

 Cash Handling Policy.pdf

PDF icon athletic handbook 2018-2019.pdf

PDF icon Athletic Association Bylaws 2015 Update 1.5.pdf

Athletics Split Process July 2014.pdf

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